A five day performance adventure for 10-11 year olds.

The project supports participants to build confidence, explore their creativity and imagination, and engage and connect with the natural world.

The week is focussed around the ‘safe-but-scary’ challenge of making an original performance to share with friends/family at the end of the week. This helps create a shared sense of purpose, and allows each young person to uncover and develop their own skills and interests.

The end of the project is marked by a performance and campfire celebration for the group, their families and friends.

“Being in the woods was like going on a quest for five days!”
— Summer Project Participant, 2019
“It made me feel like I was part of something… quite happy!”
— Summer Project Participant, 2019
Now that we’ve done the performance I feel amazing, like so amazing that I want to do it three more times!
— Summer Project Participant, 2022

Developed in association with RSCPA Mallydams Wood.

Summer Project 2022 supported by:

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Summer Project 2019 supported by: