The Woods is a sensory installation for visitors to explore and touch: rich with light, sound, smell and texture, the installation both responds to interaction and gradually evolves throughout the day.

« You can sprawl on the bed, you can open the wardrobe, you can sit where you like. You can explore and play, or just sit and think. »

Created for mac Birmingham’s gallery space, it was visited by more than 5,000 people over four weeks in early 2011. It returned as part of the “mac at 50” birthday programme in December 2012.

The installation was also the setting for our performances The Woods (2011) and The Wake (2012).

“The smell of wood took us a thousand miles away from reality. We felt part of nature. It was amazing. We loved it.” — Audience Response

“So evocative. The sounds, the smell – even in the storm, peaceful and tranquil. The bird songs are beautiful and now so rarely heard in such intensity.” — Audience Response

“We loved The Woods. We looked for the man in the moon and a bear. We sang and played and had a sleep in the bed and played hide and seek around the trees.” — Audience Response

“This is absolutely incredible, a wonderful piece of art we can walk in! Full of textures and sounds, it is a moving performance. Thank you.” — Audience Response


The Woods (installation) was produced by Jane Packman Company.

It was supported by Arts Council England, mac Birmingham, Birmingham City Council.