A day of curiosity and creativity — to kindle new friendships, build confidence and resilience, encourage exploration and increase knowledge.

This fun and engaging workshop uses historic objects from the museum, the natural environment of the woods, and the ideas and creativity of the children to explore how plants and animals adapt in the natural world, how people adapt to changing circumstances, and to playfully investigate how people use ritual to mark changes in their lives.

“One of the best trips I’ve been on … art, history and adventuring are all my favourite!” — Workshop Participant, 2019

Transformations is a one day workshop for a class of up to 30. Designed orginially for year 6, the workshop is ideally suited to KS 2.

We were not able to run Transformations in person in 2020, so instead, we made a film.

Developed in association with Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, and supported by: