One of the first things we did during the development process for May Wonders Never Cease was to make an audio walk for SALT+EARTH Festival 2022.

Beginning at Quarterhouse in Folkestone, the walk takes participants on a fifteen minute walk towards the sea into deep time, and explores ideas about what it means to be alive as a human within the very long timelines of human history, evolution and geology.

After the festival, we made a film version to enable more people experience You Mean The World.

If you can, please wear headphones, and – ideally – find a pebble, and hold it in your hand while you listen:

“It’s brilliant… I danced at the end – very liberating!”
– Festival Visitor, 2022

“I really enjoyed the walk. It’s thought provoking and really connects with my spriritual side” – Festival Visitor, 2022

Conceived and developed by Dens & Signals
Written by Ben Pacey
Directed by Jane Packman
Voice and original music by Colden Drystone
Geological insight from Melanie Wrigley

You Mean The World was funded by Arts Council England as part of our May Wonders Never Cease development, and was commissioned by Creative Folkestone.

ACEQHSalt+Earth Festival