The animals are gathering.

But one species hasn’t turned up, and it’s the species which has been causing all the trouble.

Something’s got to be done, and whatever it is, it’s going to be wild!

Animals! is an untamed, powerful performance about animals, humans and nature. It’s about building connections and empathy between species. Featuring original songs and extraordinary costumes, this interactive show explores the nature and biodiversity crisis, how humans are really animals too, and what we can do to help.

Created for 7–10 year olds, Animals! is suitable for the whole family.

Animals! will premiere in spring 2022.

We’ve developed Animals! over the last few years. This included working with Year 4 classes to introduce the idea of biodiversity, and to find out what the children already think about the animals around them. Here’s a film where some of the children meet an ecologist and ask their own animal questions:

“I was really surprised with how well the children engaged with the project… and how much they got out of it.” — Headteacher, Baird Primary Academy

Animals! has been commissioned by:

Coventry City of Culture Cambridge Junction

Development commissioned by:

House Tipping Point Theatre Centre

Supported by: