Animals! is a wild performance for young audiences, that explores the connections between humans and animals.

We celebrate “small” human-scale interactions with animals – the relationship you have with the local fox or your favourite pet – and reach into larger, more complex stories, including those with a global impact: habitat loss, climate change and the extinction of species.

Empowering, compelling and affirming – and featuring extraordinary animal costumes, live music and performance – Animals! is an urgent response to our changing world which will appeal to children and adults, and promote positive action.

We’re currently making Animals!

To test our plans and engagement with future audiences, we have:

  • Worked with over 300 primary children from the Hastings area.
  • Run workshops with year 4 classes, to introduce the idea of biodiversity, and to find out what the children already think about the animals around them.
  • Made two short films, in which the children meet an ecologist and ask their own animal questions.
  • Performed 20 minutes of early material to the children and their teachers.
  • Run story-sharing workshops at SALT Festival at Quarterhouse, Folkestone.

Here’s one of those films:

“I was really surprised with how well the children engaged with the project… and how much they got out of it.” — Headteacher, Baird Primary Academy

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