A delicious meal and celebratory communal experience about the past, present and future; with performance and live music.

As night fell on 14th October 1066, thousands of men lay dead in a field. Some were English, some Norman, some Breton, or Belgian or Scot. None would ever again see their families, their land, or their dinner…

This welcoming, informal event conjured a real sense of occasion amongst audiences, many of whom attended dressed as ghosts of the 1066. It remembered those who fell on the battlefield, and made connections between this historic event and our contemporary lives, communities and politics.

A menu inspired by eleventh century cooking was created and served by Blanch and Shock.

“Bloody fantastic night, an evening which stays with you for days”— Audience Member

Feast of the Dead was performed 21-25 September 2016, at Stade Hall, Hastings.

Commissioned by ROOT 1066 International Festival to mark the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. Supported by Hastings Borough Council and Arts Council England. Community engagement programme supported by Big Lottery Fund.


Photography by Indiana Hamilton-Brown, Claire Browne and Ben Pacey.